Transgender Resources

Following are some resources you might find useful. It is in no way comprehensive. In fact, we welcome your suggestions for improving this page. Feel free to email any suggestions fill our our Contact Form or email us at

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)

The National Center for Transgender Equality

Local Therapists

Support Groups and Services

  • Centre LGBTQA+ Support Network: Monthly support group

  • Persad Center, Pittsburgh
    The second oldest LGBT center in the country, Persad offers counseling, youth and senior programming, training & Advocacy and Community gathering spaces. They also have people on staff who work with SAGE making this an excellent resource for the older folks.

  • Group Therapy: Leslie Sullivan, Universal Community Behavioral Health, 888-520-8224

Local Trans Friendly Doctors

We know that these doctors are trans friendly and some of them prescribe hormones. We are in no way saying the following doctors are transgender specialists.

  • Dr. Paul Damaske (Grays woods)

  • Dr. Kristen Frank-Dixon (Philipsburg)

  • Dr. Joseph Wiedemer (State College)

Gender/Medical Clinics

All ages


Transgender Forums




Local Conferences

  • Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference in Philadelphia (Mazzoni Center)

  • Keystone Conference in Harrisburg by TransCentral PA

  • The Mid Atlantic LGBTQA Conference, Bloomsburg, PA

  • The Pennsylvania Youth Action Conference

Hair Removal

Many hair removal places are trans-friendly because trans-patients are consistent long-term customers. Hair removal is the most expensive part of a transition, barring surgery, for a transwoman. Laser only gets the dark hairs (this will make a huge difference though because you can shave and have no blue stubble in the skin), the rest will have to come out by electrolysis. Ask if they have an “Alexandrite laser” – lasers generate specific wavelengths and you must have the optimum wavelength to destroy the hair stem cells.

To fully and permanently get rid of your beard by laser may take 10 or more visits and you should spread these out about 3-4 months apart to be most effective because of the natural hair cycle (they will try to get you to go more often but this is less effective and will cost you more in the long run). Electrolysis can take years. Be sure to only go somewhere that uses the ‘blend’ method or you risk scarring. Since this takes so long, you will want to start hair removal as soon as you commit to a transition so that you’ll be mostly done when you decide to come out.


  • Creekside Electrology, Bellefonte
    (814) 359-6131

  • Yahr electrolysis in Squirrel Hill (near Pittsburgh). Yahr is trans-friendly with about 30% of their business being trans related. There is a surcharge for presurgery genital work.

  • Kysor Electrolysis & Massage in Monroeville (near Pittsburgh). Kysor is trans-friendly with many trans clients. There is no surcharge for genital work.

Laser Hair Removal

Voice Therapy

Many people choose to participate in voice therapy in order to find a healthy, sustainable voice that is true to their gender identity, and individuality. Voice therapy involves working with pitch (how high or low your voice sounds), resonance (the sound and tone of your voice), inflection/intonation (the rhythm and rise and fall of speech), rate (how fast or slowly you speak), and volume (how loudly you speak). It is recommended that you work with a speech-language pathologist whenever possible to avoid permanent vocal cord damage. If that isn’t an option, there are videos and apps that will help you get started.

In person/Video Conference

  • Penn State Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic
    Although their website doesn’t specifically mention voice therapy for trans women, Connie Kossan and her students are experienced and enthusiastically provide professional voice therapy in a safe and effective way. The clinic is available to the general public and operates on a sliding fee scale. Please email Connie Kossan at

  • Steven Rimke is an Assistant Professor of Voice and Speech at Penn State University, teaching accents, phonetics and vocal production to actors and singers. Over the last two years he has worked in Cincinnati and State College helping the transgender community with their voices. He introduces non-invasive techniques and methods to help his clients transition their voices in an effort to better identify with their identity. Please email Steven directly at

  • Hank McDaniel is a professional actor, and voice coach from Memphis, TN. He teaches Voice and Speech for the BFA in Musical Theater and Acting degrees at Penn State University. Henry also provides private voice work for transgender individuals looking to make changes to their voice. He has a particular interest in helping clients find their vocal identity and will spend time helping you think through what that looks like for you and your transition. For more information, please email Hank directly at

  • Christie Block at the The New York Speech and Voice lab

  • Temple University's Speech-Language Hearing Center

  • Leah Helou, PhD, CCC-SLP, at the University of Pittsburgh Voice Center, 412-647-2100

Online videos and apps*

*Online videos and apps can be useful, but there is really no substitute for an in-person/video conference speech therapist.